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The initial 7 Activations happened during our live group activations from March 29, 2020 through May 28, 2020. In hindsight we realized this was also the time the planet Venus, which resembles our inner primordial feminine, was moving from an Air Sign Aries into an Earth Sign Gemini. It was a perfect time to be activated into our original light body. However, we also received the information that there will be waves of people who will become more conscious of these activations over the next years, as the human family evolves from homo sapiens to homo luminous.


As humanity begins a new epoch by the end of 2020, it will be helpful to receive and work with these light codes more consciously so that some of us will be able to ride this wave with joy and grace in this lifetime. Therefore, we recorded an enhanced version of the initial 7 Activations during October 2020. These enhanced recordings are the ones we were guided to make available online.

We also received the information that as more people are ready to go through these activations, it will become easier for others to move through the portal of the Brain Crystal Activation and birth themselves into their pure human consciousness through these light codes. Therefore, we created a place online for these activations to be held in a timeless manner and in a safe and loving pure Space of the light to be of service to our human family.

We are offering the Brain Crystal Activations free of charge, as a gift from Grace.


Before beginning the Online Activations, please make sure that you have watched our Intro Video, as well as read the very important Overall Instructions.

Click on each of the activations below to access the activation link and read more details about the themes, specific instructions, as well as ways to practice and integrate the energies you receive in each activation.

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