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Your Questions, Answered

All FAQs are our own personal opinions and perspectives from working with the realms of light. They are grounded in the experiences, initiations and trainings we have received. We do not claim to know the Truth. We simply share our personal experiences and truths so that you may be able to tune into your own. It's an ever ongoing process.


The brain crystal is not the same as the pineal gland. The pineal gland is a physical organ toward the left side of the middle of our brains. The brain crystal is a light structure that sits directly at the center of our brain. This brain crystal has only recently been revealed to us and, we assume, others who are able to perceive the language of light, the light language. So, we too, are still learning about it.

The brain crystal acts like a radio antenna from which our reality is perceived. It can receive the information from the Space of Grace and broadcasts it down into our spine and nervous system.

The brain crystal serves as a much more direct pathway than the pineal glad. The pineal is awakened by moving through the process from our "bottom up." In a healthy human, this process happens in 7-8 year cycles, beginning in the first chakra and then up to the sixth and seventh charkas, thereby awakening the pineal around the age of 50. This happens in a healthy adult, one that goes through the developmental stages along with the proper energetic and spiritual development. Very few of us in our current time have been guided in such environments.

The brain crystal works the other way around. Instead of having to clear from the bottom up, we are able to tune in directly into the Space of Grace and broadcast it "down" into the body-mind, illuminating the survival and emotional brains, and anchoring this state of grace coherently in our human experience, no matter the circumstance.

Therefore, we want to receive the light codes specifically and directly for our own body-mind, without any interferences, previous teachings, knowledge or system (spiritual or otherwise). The light codes with which our brain crystal is being activated now is a drop of pure universal consciousness in its particular ray of light for our current lifetime.

Essentially the Brain Crystal Activation allows us to activate our pure spiritual being in physical form within a 2-3 year timeframe instead of what would take a lifetime to do working "bottom up". This is the blessing that is available to us now.

We are not skipping any learning here. The Brain Crystal Activation is an intense and beautiful process of initiation which is why we want to make sure that you put aside the proper time, preparation and care for your spirit being and body-mind to be able to integrate this blessing in a coherent and healthy way. It is also the reason we perceived the Corona "crisis" as an intervention from the Divine and Nature, for the human family to set aside the time to go through this process of inner awakening to our pure grace, the Brain Crystal Activation, and be purified so we can live into the Space of grace and love.

It is also why we are offering the Deepening Meetings for those who may need support alongside their own inner journey of awakening into total freedom, true freedom, and the power as well as the responsibility that comes with such a space of creation.


It isn’t easy to describe with words what the space of grace is and yet at the same time it is something so permanent and present in our life; but because it is very subtle and our minds are conditioned, programmed and attuned to what is being broadcast from the collective conscious, unconscious and the matrix, we dismiss it and do not experience it. Although we live in it, like fish in water, we tend to miss it!

We can say that the space of grace is the underlying principle and energy field that permeates everything; it was, is and will always be the unchanged, unborn, omnipresent, absolute reality. In this space we experience ourselves as a bodiless awareness, absolutely free and united with all that is. Living in the space of grace one is filled with bliss and love and finds contentment in each step that one takes.

At this time, we are being given the opportunity to live in this space, to recognize our true self and make our life an extension of our light.

We can consider the space of grace as our true home, a space of pure loving awareness, which is calling us, and which we can now bring back into our everyday life experiences more readily than before.


The human language is often inadequate for speaking and expressing what we perceive in the world of pure consciousness or what we call the language of "light". When we say "light", we mean the pure essence that can be perceived. We do not speak of "light" and "dark" in terms of "good" or "bad". Every energy in its pure form has its place and purpose, light and dark.

Everything comes out of the luminous black Essence to begin with, the Void that is in actuality a space of full potential; yet, when it becomes seen, when we pull it out of this Space of all potentialities into the visible world, we call it "light".

However, let's distinguish between "light" in its pure form and shadow as well as projection. While light is pure in its essence, unadulterated, unchanged, ever present, eternal, not able to be manipulated by experiences or creations; shadow and projections change, are distorted or manipulated forms of light. Pure light casts no shadows and no projections. There is full transparency.

So, when we are in our full "light" and receive our "light codes", we are speaking of the pure essence that is you, has always been you and will always be you: your pure spirit. 


If you set aside the proper time, space and attention, it is safe to do these activations alone. These light codes are streaming down for everyone. They are not coming "from" us, they are coming through us all at this moment in time.

We are simply here to hold the space, assist those who may need help with reading the language of light or make sense of what it is they are receiving, or what is happening "to" them, and helping them to cleanse and purify their body-mind so they can truly live into the light codes that are streaming down from Grace for them. 

For ourselves, we know that being part of a group, and going through this process together, was tremendously helpful. That does not mean that you have to do this process in a group. Trust your spirit with what calls you, what supports your inner light, at this moment in time. 

Please make sure you read the Instructions carefully. This includes the Overall Instructions page on this website, as well as the more detailed instructions that are outlined with each individual activation session.

Also, keep your spaces energetically clean, smudging or cleansing them daily, and tend to your grace, your love, your pure essence and your body-mind with loving care while in the process of activation.

If you need assistance, please reach out. We know no one "needs" help, but we are here to assist if Deepening Meetings or Private Sessions are helpful for your process of awakening and activation. 


Spiritual awakening is not about material desires that come from the matrix-mind of the current reality we see or have experienced so far. We are entering into a deeper time, a time where everyone has permission to truly be who they are, in their love and grace, and in total freedom.

The Brain Crystal Activation is a very deep process and no one knows what our life will look like on the outside after you are living fully in it.

You could be sitting in the streets, holding your hands out for money... but if you are there, you are doing so from a Space of Grace and love, sharing our light. Or, you could be in a mansion providing shelter and food for your spiritual family from all over the world, creating beauty, joy and laughter in harmony with nature around you.

You could be in a relationship and have family, if it is from your grace and your love; or you could be a hermit on a mountain top, unknown and alone and with no possessions, sitting by a fire, if that is how you share your light with the world from your grace.

All we know, the life that is coming cannot be created from your (current) mind, or any notions you have about what a "good life" is or looks like.

We have been told --and also our experience so far has shown us-- that when we vibrate and broadcast our pure love, light, essence and grace, all we need physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually is provided for, including when it is time for our spirit to pass on to the other side, the next realm, the next matter to inhabit and illuminate. But, we do so, then, from our grace, and from our love.

We have to do our part to keep learning and growing, but when we engage these spaces of development from our light, there is no imagination that we have that can show us what's possible. Our minds are limited in the realms of light.

Therefore, we invite you to leave all your previous notions of "success" behind, no matter how beautiful they are or were... and enter into a Space of Grace, where the inner and outer experiences will teach you what is possible when you have the courage and discipline to enter and dance with everything in life, in nature, and beyond, from your pure spirit, your light, your love and your grace inside.

A reality, where only our pure spirit can move us, touch us, animate us. A reality where we can be who we really are. This is the time we have been waiting for. A time we have entered into now.

Welcome home, spirit family, we have only yet begun, and there is joyful work to be done...


Your spirit is your pure energy (or specific and unique light ray) dispersed through all dimensions and realities. It cannot be touched, harmed or dimmed and therefore remains the same eternally and through all lifetimes.

As this spirit energy anchors in your body-mind, it creates an electro magnetic field that infuses and surrounds your physical body and your mind in time space. This is soul. Soul is, therefore, a reference point for your spirit in time-space that includes your physical body, and your mind. Therefore, soul is always in transformation.

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