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  • It is very important that you listen to the activations at a time and place where you can spend some quiet time with yourself, preferably with headphones and when other electronics are turned off and definitely not while driving or doing some other kind of activity.

  • Each activation has its own theme, its own wave of energy and it is important to listen to each of them in the order given, from the 1st to the 7th, because each activation opens the way and activates the right portals so that the next activation can move you to the next level.

  • Please allow a gap of 7-10 days from one activation to the next so the activation and the energy that was transmitted can be integrated properly. For example, if you listen to Activation #1 on July 1, then listen to Activation #2 on July 11, Activation #3 on July 21, and so forth.

  • It is best to listen to each of the recorded activations three times, with at least one day gap from one to the other in between. Utilizing the example above, for Activation #1: listen to it the first time on July 1 and then two more times between July 3 and July 9, while making sure that at least one day stays free in between each listening session.

  • For each activation there are specific instructions given for how to cultivate and integrate the activation in your daily life. This practice is very important in between the activations. Please do not skip these steps.

  • Even though these Brain Crystal Activations are energetic in nature, as we download the light codes from the brain crystal into our body-mind, they will have an effect on our physical, emotional and mental states. In the detoxification process, it is best to stay as a witness from and in the Space of Grace, to allow the old ways, structures and matrixes to be dissolved into the light without engaging them.

  • During this entire process, care for your body and mind in a loving way, from the consciousness of your pure light, with love, and from grace.

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