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Activation 6: Returning back to the Source

Activation 6: Returning back to the Source

Returning back to the Source, being activated from the Source.


In this session you will be guided to a deep cleansing and will be shown how to let go and be detached from everything that has happened to you, from everything that you have become as a result of what has happened to you or what has been projected upon you from all your experiences and memories, so that you can experience yourself as a pure ray of light, as an extension of the Source of light, as the original spirit and light that you are. The true memory of who you are will be activated.


You will return back to the Source, and you will be touched and activated from that Source. Then all the parts of your being, all your identities from all your lifetimes, dimensions and realities will be touched and embraced by the Source and the calling for them all to return home will awaken in their hearts. You will start merging with the Source, become one with it, and experience yourself as one purified, unified being, living through this human body in the new Reality of our Mother Earth.


    • Listen to this activation three times (preferably in the morning) with at least a one-day gap between each time you listen.
    • After the session set the intention and ask from your being and light to stay centered into your light, in union with the Source and live your day as a ray of light being projected into a human body in this new Reality of our Mother Earth.
    • Before you go to sleep, make a review of your day, remember the situations when you were living through with your light, then remember the situations when you were not doing so. Be conscious and prepare yourself for the next time to connect there through your light.
    • As you fall asleep give the direction to your being to dream during the night living through the light. Allow this dreamtime to inform you upon waking.
    • Continue for all ten days with this way of cultivating and integrating this energy. 

    Listen to this activation here.

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