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The Space of light consciousness for the Brain Crystal Activation presented itself to us during the coronavirus pandemic in the year 2020. As the quarantine was going on, some people found themselves in confusion and fear, while others were feeling a sense of deep peace and serenity.

Many of us who felt this sense of deep peace and serenity as predominant realized that a great awakening was actually happening in this very moment in the collective consciousness of the human family. It was as if a portal was opened, the veil that was covering this beautiful Space was removed, and all of a sudden great peace, love and grace was present without needing any further practices or rituals.

We realized then that this is the reality that our Mother Earth is giving birth to right now.

There were people who could feel this birth happening, but were not able to understand or explain it —either to themselves, or to others— while other individuals were caught in fear and, therefore, were unable to tune into the Space of Grace and this portal opening.

As we moved deeper into the Space of Grace, we were shown that there is a crystal in the center of the brain from which we receive the signal of this Space from above, and that it is this crystal that allows us to tune into the Reality of Grace directly now, without filters and without structures, in total freedom and with love.

The Space of light, love and grace that we have been meditating on and praying for is entirely available and very tangible for all of us right now. However, for most people this crystal is not activated and is programmed with lower vibrations and frequencies. As a result, people can be held in the confinements of the existing structures and matrixes and, therefore, live only a very limited version of reality.

We were shown that the time to activate our brain crystal, to awaken our full potential and to live in the Space of light, grace and love has come, and that it is present here and now. We were guided directly from Existence above to start offering these activations, through the Space of Grace, as a way of holding the portal gateway open for others to step through —or be birthed into— this true Reality. And so, we did.

Within 3 days of being given this information from Existence, the first group of 25 participants, whose names we were given from Above, responded with an immediate and resounding YES, and, therefore, the container was created for this light, that has been streaming down to raise the consciousness of the human family, to be received and to be birthed into life through our bodies, minds and lives.

During each of the activations, we had no idea how they would unfold or what we were about to say during the sessions. Everything was happening divinely inspired and, therefore, spontaneously, as we were more and more deeply attuning into our own spaces of grace, purifying our body-mind and listening to the pure loving guidance directly from the Source.

Later on, by “looking back” we realized that every activation actually had its own specific theme and was carrying with it a very profound wisdom which was being shared as subtle instructions during the process of the activations. Everyone who participated has greatly benefited from those activations, including ourselves. It was as if we were meeting our spiritual family and seeing the grace and love within and around each other for the first time.

As a next step, we were guided to make the activations available more broadly to those individuals who are ready to receive them at this time and who are able to tune into the Space of grace, light and love which has been, is, and will always be present as an underlying principle of  All That Is.

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