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Please click on the video below or read the transcript to meet Omprakash and Sarah in this 10 minute video as they share how they met, how the Brain Crystal Activation process was received and shared through them and what the Brain Crystal Activation is.

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Sarah Hawk: Hello everyone, my name is Sarah Hawk. I am a spirit guide. I assist people in living their soul’s wisdom. I am here with my light brother, Omprakash, but before we get into that and his introduction, I just want to tell you, briefly, a little bit about me.

I was born in Berlin, Germany and then after school I lived in the United States for 25 years doing many things from shamanic healing, to trauma healing and to working with organizations and individuals. Then there was a big change coming for me and in that change, I really started to navigate from the inside out and then I found myself in Hellas, in Greece, where I met my light brother, Omprakash. We are here today to share with you something about the lightcode activations that we noticed were streaming down in March, 2020. We can also call them Brain Crystal Activations.

We are really being guided by the Spirit at this time to share these activations a little bit more broadly. It’s a very organic process at this time. So, we are listening in from moment to moment to be of service to the Spirit and to be of service to humanity.  Omprakash will now share more with you about himself and also about the specific activations that we are speaking to you about at this time.

Omprakash: Hi everyone, my name is Omprakash. I am a holistic healer. So, during the years that I have been on this path, I have been trained in many different healing traditions and healing arts that cover the body, the mind, the spirit and our energy field all of which bring a holistic approach to my work. So, during these years I was guided from life and Existence to create different essences like the Butterfly Spirit Essences, the Diamond Age Flower Essences, the Transcendental Mushroom Essences and the workshop “Manifesting The True You.”

So, recently together with Sarah, we somehow tuned into the Space and we found ourselves downloading these Light Code Activations, the activations of the brain crystal. So, in this video, as Sarah said, we are going to share with you a few things about this. 

This whole thing started around March, 2020, as Sarah said. It was in the period when the coronavirus kicked in and we were all in this quarantine. So, it was a very confusing time. For me it was obviously a gate that was being opened, and for Sarah also. And in these times, and even previously before the coronavirus, I was experiencing these openings into the Space. I had many experiences like walking outside in the street and feeling my body disappearing completely and remaining as just pure awareness, as pure consciousness. 

This was happening without any ceremony, without any meditation, without any intention, just by walking out onto the street something was opening into the Space; and I was able to be connected with this Space and was able to experience this pure Space of Being. It was like a gap; something was opening into the Space. It was like a gate, like a portal. 

Then when the thing happened with the coronavirus, it was very clear to me and I had this vision and was shown that this is an opportunity, like the whole humanity is passing into a different vibration, a different Space. Actually, it is the real Space because the veil has been taken away. It’s a Space of love and grace which is available for all of us to live in. But somehow our attention was being distracted, was being taken away from the real thing that was happening and was taken away into the fear with the coronavirus and to all the other concerns about it. So, many people were, therefore, not able to tune into what was really happening. 

Then I saw that in the middle of our brain we have this crystal which is like a receptor of Reality which can take the signal from the Space from above and can help us to tune into the Light Reality. This crystal in the brain is a portal of perception from where the Reality is being broadcast, from where we have the ability to perceive realities. So, depending on what is happening in this crystal, we will receive into the body-mind, into the center of our perception, a specific kind of reality. 

I was shown that for most of the people that this crystal in the brain is being conditioned and programmed with the frequencies of the matrix, with the low vibrational frequencies of the matrix; and from that point we as human beings are not really having these experiences of unity, of love, of wellness, of being in the Space of Grace. In this time in order to help us to connect with this--because this Space is already here, it’s already present, it’s what all the enlightened Masters have been sharing with people--they have been sharing that the only difference between me and you is that I am able to perceive what is already here and to be connected with this pure Space of Grace and perceive Reality as pure love, and you’re not able to do it. Your awareness is not in the Space because of all this conditioning, but now this opportunity is being given that this crystal can be opened and can be activated. 

These codes came in order to activate this crystal and to help us to tune into this Reality, to start living into the Space of Grace as the true light being that you are, that we are. 

So, that’s how we started. From the moment that I received this kind of information I found myself texting Sarah and saying to her, Hey, this happened and this happened and now is the time, now is the time for us to really tune in with it and live with it! 

And Sarah responded immediately. Right?

Sarah Hawk: Yes, I, also, had been experiencing that really at the end of October already, there was a specific moment from October to November where the veil was being lifted and where I found myself in this Space of real deep serenity and peace that nobody was talking about. At least it wasn’t seen nor was it being talked about in the news. We couldn’t see it anywhere because there was a lot of distraction because obviously when new gates are opened all this other stuff is coming up to be released. 

And so, when Omprakash texted me it was very clear. I was immediately “in” and within three days, I think, we had the first group that came together. This was all divinely guided. We are really listening closely to Spirit because it’s not our work, it’s just coming through us and we’re wanting to bring the consciousness that this vibration is available now to allow those who are ready and able and willing to step through this portal to help hold this Space and assist with what’s already here, with what’s already being streamed down and what’s available now.

So, there are seven activations that we shared at this moment. We did each of the activations about 10 days apart. And I don’t know, Omprakash, if you want to talk a little bit more about these activations or of the timing of it, please go ahead.

Omprakash: Yes, actually these activations came out very naturally. So, we started the activations and we didn’t even know what we were going to say. We were just guided from Existence to be there and to do the activations and everything was just coming out really, really naturally. 

We didn’t even know if there is a theme going on with each activation. Later on it turned out that each activation had a specific theme going to a specific level and specific layers, and its opening and activating specific gates, specific channels of our being. 

So, it was a very, very, beautiful, natural process and gradually we were guided that this needs to be shared in the collective consciousness, into the collective space. That’s how we came to create these recordings, to make them available to you. 

They are the live recordings that we made during our groups and it’s available for you now to receive these activations to get in tune with it, to open this brain crystal and to help yourself to get in tune with the pure love, the pure grace and with your true being. So, enjoy it, this is a good opportunity. 

Sarah Hawk: Yes, and if you have any questions, we will make our information available. My website is And we will share Omprakash‘s information so you also have a resource to reach out to, if you have questions.

There may be more coming in terms of small group support.  We will share that as it comes, but enjoy them and have a beautiful deepening into the Space of Grace that you are and allow yourself to release all the rest. 

Thank you all. Lots of love.

Omprakash: Yes, thank you all.

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