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Activation 1: The brain crystal

Activation 1: The brain crystal

Activation of the brain crystal.


In this session you will receive the first activation of the brain crystal and you will be given your individual light codes which open the signal for your brain to connect with the space of grace, love and light. This is the first conscious meeting with this Space and it brings with it a bright light, love, grace and a sense of remembering your light origin and connection with the Source. From this point onward your brain crystal is activated and you will be able to have access to the Space of Grace, to your pure being, but if you don’t cultivate it consciously and you keep on following your old ways of thinking-feeling-acting then gradually the access to this space will fade away. Therefore, it depends on you how much you want to cultivate this access to the Space of Grace and live in it.


    • Listen to this activation three times (preferably in the morning) with at least a one-day gap between each time you listen.
    • After the session, set the intention and ask from your being and your light to be held in this connection with the Space of light and to function during your day through this Space.
    • During your day, be aware, bring yourself into the Space of light as often as you can, and start becoming more conscious of what space it is from that you connect with yourself, others and life. Over and over, choose to connect yourself there through your light.
    • Before you go to sleep, make a review of your day, remember the situations when you were living through your light, then remember the situations when you were not doing so. Be conscious of both, and thankful for the times you did. When you did not, prepare yourself for the next time to connect there through your light.
    • As you fall asleep give the direction to your being to dream during the night living through the light. Allow this dreamtime to inform you upon waking, making conscious what it is like to live through your light. Give thanks for this information and the experiences received.
    • Continue for all ten days with this way of cultivating and integrating this energy.

    Listen to this activation here.

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