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Activation 5: Your true light, removing ignorance

Activation 5: Your true light, removing ignorance

Your true light, removing ignorance –- living through grace – settled into the heart.


In this session the old energetic skin will be removed from your being and you will come to know and experience yourself as a free bodiless awareness. The codes of your true light will be activated, the filters that have been covering your awareness will be removed and you will be free from ignorance. You will be given the opportunity to see light from the eyes of the light that you are. This will give you the opportunity to use consciously your free will and choose your way of being —truth or ignorance.


The Space of Grace and the opportunity to live, learn, grow and evolve through love, joy and harmony instead of pain, misery and suffering will also be an option for you to choose. In the end everything will be balanced and your awareness will settle into the heart.


    • Listen to this activation three times (preferably in the morning) with at least a one-day gap between each time you listen.
    • After the session set the intention and ask from your being and light to stay centered into your light, with your awareness settled into your heart and your light brain, and, as well, with your spine and nervous system grounded into your physical body so that you can live your day in a harmonious and graceful way, being in connection with the new Reality of Mother Earth.
    • Before you go to sleep make a review of your day, remember the situations when you were living through your light, then remember the situations when you were not doing so. Be conscious and prepare yourself for the next time to connect there through your light.
    • As you fall asleep give the direction to your being to dream during the night living through the light. Allow this dreamtime to inform you upon waking. 
    • Continue for all ten days with this way of cultivating and integrating this energy. 

    Listen to the activation here.

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