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Spiral Galaxy In Centaurus


The Brain Crystal Activation contains a series of seven activations that hold the energetic information which allows us to evolve from homo sapiens to homo luminous within one life time.

These light codes are offered to experienced practitioners who are ready to receive and work them consciously and safely through their brains, into their nervous system, through their human body, and ultimately into their day to day lives.

The intention of the Brain Crystal Activation is for our lives to become an extension of our pure spirit in the way we see, feel, taste, touch and smell; in every word, thought, action, and where we anchor ourselves and our presence in life.

Special thanks to Yanni Maniates for artfully putting all the materials together and making the activations available in this online forum, to Michael Beam for carefully cleaning up the audio activations so that they can be made available, and to Existence for its unconditional love, trust in us, and for giving us these gifts that can bring us all to our true nature. Many thanks, also, to all the seen and unseen help that we have been receiving during our path and especially during and for these Brain Crystal Activations; and, of course, to all of you who have the calling to tune into these light codes and remember who you always were, who you are, and who you always will be in your true nature of love and grace, because together as a human family we can create more harmony and beauty in our world.

With love, from our light-hearts to yours,



Omprakash and Sarah were guided by Existence to come together from March 2020 until November 2020 to assist our human family to receive the Brain Crystal Activation and evolutionary light codes directly from Above, so that each one of us can more fully, more healthily and more vibrantly express our pure essence, our love, our grace, and our beautiful qualities in life. These light codes will be held in a timeless manner here for our human family until at least December 2028.



Spiritual Healer

Omprakash is a Holistic healer, founder of the Diamond Age Essences and the in-depth workshop Manifesting the True You. He has walked the path of meditation and inner development since 2006. Having participated and trained in a variety of healing modalities, meditative therapies and self-awareness seminars, Omprakash shares the experience and deep belief that every human being is a unique manifestation of Existence who has within an amazing potential that is waiting to be manifested. He leads individual and group workshops, offers Diamond Essences and NLP sessions, teaches Reiki, and is a practitioner of numerous massage systems.

Learn more about Omprakash or contact him directly at:


FB: Omprakash Kostas Giaupi



Spirit Guide

Sarah is the founder of Luminous Warrior, the creator of the Path of Power, and the co-facilitator of the Brain Crystal Activation. She offers her many talents and gifts as a soul coach to assist the peaceful evolution of humankind. Sarah works on very profound energetic levels that open hearts, minds, paths and lives to health and healing, and she assists those who come to her with embodying their own soul’s wisdom in their day-to-day living. Sarah defines true success as being the most authentic, vibrant, loving, kind and truthful expression of our soul in life at all times and in all situations, and she believes that navigating our life gracefully is a worthwhile accomplishment.


Contact Sarah directly or join her online course:


Online: Offerings on Sacred Stories Media

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